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    Welcome to AHA – Basement Architecture, Remodeling, Moisture Problems & Mold
    “Serving New Jersey Since 1978″

    Many homes built in the 1970s or before used a variety of strategies that are largely outdated these days. Proper basement architecture deals with planning, creating and building spaces, rooms or buildings. AHA offers a wide variety of solutions and employ some of the latest, cutting edge technologies to help perfect the architecture of your basement. We focus not just on the aesthetics of your basement, but the durability, longevity and overall function.

    aha basement mold

    We believe in building beautiful basements but what is the point of remodeling a basement if it has moisture problems or is being destroyed by mold?

    So many basements these days are facing flooding, moisture and ventilation problems. Because of strains on the economy basements are being built with cheap materials. Other basements suffer decade long contamination issues from asbestos, radon and lead. It also estimated that roughly 40% of all basements in the US have moisture problems or mold. These are the 2 most prevalent issues we find in our customers homes.

    Because of this, it is important that we inspect your home for any potential problems before we our engineers can get to work.

    We will inspect for issues like:

    Fire hazards
    Electrical problems
    Little or no ventilationMold contamination

    You will be happy to hear that the team at AHA is properly certified to handle any of above problems. Ideally, we like to get to the planning process as fast as possible. But it’s imperative that we inspector for and identify any potential problems.

    AHA Employees A Highly Qualified Team of –

    Basement Architects & Engineers
    Basement Remodeling
    Waterproofing Specalists
    Radon, Lead & Mold Inspectors

    And our company has been in business for more than 40 years! Throughout this course of time we’ve established many long lasting relationships with some of New Jerseys best home improvement companies. Whether you need a talented team of basement architects, basement waterproofing or mold remediation in New Jersey, we can hook you up!

    For the last couple decades the complexity of homes has exponentially increased. And the field of architecture has become a multidisciplinary trade that requires certifications in many different areas. If you were looking to have your basement remodeled you need to be sure you’re working with the best in this field. You need someone who can help makes your dreams come true. But you also need a team who excels at quality, durability….. a team that knows all your local codes and compliance laws.


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